National Paint Alliance

What is the NPA?

The National Paint Alliance is a group of eight close-knit regional paint manufacturers assembled to service accounts across the U.S. and Canada.  We offer uniquely designed programs for customers with a national presence needing a single point of contact.

Our companies are highly regarded and the market leaders in the regions in which they operate. Each member company has built their business on offering high quality, price competitive products while maintaining the ability to react to their customers’ needs in a very nimble manner. As a collective group, we understand the unique marketplace dynamics and the need for performance-proven formulations. The NPA’s regionally diverse group of member coating manufacturers is successful because of our deep understanding of each of our home geographies.

The NPA truly offers a national reach with local expertise. In a world that is at times dominated by large mega-corporations, we have been able to maintain our “hometown” paint store identity and are proud to be an integral part of the communities in which we do business.

Why do regional formulations matter?

Did you know that paint formulas should be different depending on location? Climates across the United States and Canada can vary dramatically. Whether it is extreme temperatures, humidity levels or differences in elevation, we do not live in a “one size fits all” world.

This is exactly what makes the National Paint Alliance different.  We offer the best products that deliver the best outcomes in each area. Our portfolio of coatings, which provide superior performance and durability, are not only regionally formulated but also regionally manufactured. We have over 700 years of combined experience resulting in perfected product formulations that go on easier and last longer. This is why our brands are preferred by painting professionals.

Color is Crucial

Color expertise abounds across all of the NPA member companies, each guaranteeing exact color matches and 100% color fidelity. Our design teams are at your disposal and bring vast knowledge of color and color trends. Natural light can impact color perception and can vary based on environmental conditions.  Our team’s expertise and understanding of market color preference and the reading of color in their region is the backbone of their color counsel.

You have a choice in which companies you do business.  You can always find another business offering a similar service or selling a similar product.  It is the NPA’s ability to personally connect with you and your company’s business needs that make the difference.  The NPA understands the diverse characteristics that exists in each region of the United States and Canada and can meet these demands through our vast network of member companies.  As our customer, you are a priority and we strive to be the industry leaders in customer satisfaction.

Exceptional Service

We have a team of over 550 Sales Representatives, each of whom acts as a liaison between our powerful network of nine member companies, combined with more than 500 retail stores and 20 manufacturing facilities. Each Sales Representatives strives to ensure the success of your painting project.

Our workforce spans from coast to coast making us agile and able to quickly react to your individual needs. Our account management includes programs tailored to you. Preferred pricing agreements, flexible billing options and expert on-site service are just a few of the distinct advantages of using a company like the NPA who has a national reach combined with local expertise.