Dunn-Edwards Paints

Dunn-Edwards paints are manufactured and formulated specifically to withstand the varied climate of the Southwest: from the harsh, dry desert heat to the cold mountain temperatures and cooler moisture of the coast. We test our paints here year-round to ensure you’re always getting the very best paint possible.

Staples Center Arena, Caesar’s Palace, Arizona State University, San Francisco Federal Courthouse…across the Southwest, landmark after landmark is painted with one brand: Dunn-Edwards. Why? Because it’s the highest-quality paint available. With more than 100 stores, Dunn-Edwards is the foremost manufacturer and supplier of premium architectural and industrial coatings in the region, for one reason: It’s the best.

Headquartered in Los Angeles for more than 85 years, Dunn-Edwards grew from a family-owned business and today maintains much of that close-knit feeling. We provide a complete line of paints, painting supplies and equipment for the professional. And we do it with pride.

Quick Facts:

  • Founded in 1925
  • Headquartered in Los Angeles, CA
  • Operated as a private business for more than 85 years
  • Operates more than 115 stores throughout Arizona, California, Nevada, New Mexico and Texas
  • Manufacturing facilities in Phoenix, AZ
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Provides a complete line of architectural paint, painting supplies and equipment
  • Serves both the professional painter and the consumer market


Since 1925, Dunn-Edwards Corporation has been the leading manufacturer and supplier of architectural and industrial coatings in the Southwest, providing a complete line of paints and painting supplies to professionals and quality-conscious consumers.

 Dunn-Edwards paints are manufactured exclusively in the Southwest and formulated specifically for the climate of the Southwest. From the hot, arid deserts of Arizona and Nevada, to the cool, moist seacoast of California, Dunn-Edwards paints are uniquely formulated to withstand the elements, and protect and beautify a wide variety of architectural surfaces. Since it was founded in 1925, Dunn-Edwards has provided more than 450 million gallons of paint to the region – enough to cover more than 6,000 square miles of surface area.

#1 Choice:

Dunn-Edwards is ranked as the number one choice among licensed painting contractors in Los Angeles, San Diego and Phoenix. A recent independent survey conducted by Options Marketing Research found that 72 percent of the professionals polled prefer to use Dunn-Edwards and that our customers are among the most satisfied paint brand users.

#1 Color:

With the introduction of the Perfect Palette® Color System in 2004, Dunn-Edwards leads the industry with the most complete color program available. Designers and architects give the system top ratings for both the fantastic colors and the user-friendly tools. In a survey of nearly 500 interior design professionals in Southern California and Arizona, more designers recommend Dunn-Edwards’ color over all other brands.

Headquartered at its main office in Los Angeles, California, Dunn-Edwards Corporation has a manufacturing plant in Phoenix, Arizona. The company operates more than 114 stores throughout California, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico and Texas. 

Frank “Buddy” Dunn founded the company in 1925, when he opened a wallpaper store in Los Angeles. The business expanded as he added a line of paints, and later (with two employees) he began manufacturing his own paints in the backroom of the company’s second store. In 1938, he partnered with his friend Arthur C. Edwards, a former painting contractor and pigment salesman, to form the Dunn-Edwards Corporation.

With more growth after WWII, the manufacturing operation was moved to a 5,000-square-foot factory just outside of Los Angeles, and the main office was built at the same site. Retail operations expanded into Arizona in the 1960s. A second factory soon followed, built near Phoenix. In 1985, Dunn-Edwards acquired Wellborn Paint Company, one of the most popular paint manufacturers in the New Mexico and Texas markets. This move allowed Dunn-Edwards to extend its reach across the Southwest.

Precision Manufacturing:

In the mid-1950’s, Dunn-Edwards’ first manufacturing operation began with a small plant in Los Angeles. As the company grew, the plant expanded as much as the physical location would allow and, in the mid-’70s, a larger manufacturing facility in Tempe, AZ, was built.  

In June, 2011, Dunn-Edwards consolidated all its manufacturing and distribution operations by opening the world’s first LEED-certified* paint manufacturing facility. Located in Phoenix, Arizona, this ultra-modern facility encompasses manufacturing, product development, quality-control laboratories, distribution center, a retail store and office space and was custom-designed to be the greenest and most efficient in the coatings industry. And, with more than 50 percent more space than the two older factories combined, this new fully automated facility meets needs for long-term growth.

The new plant is fully automated, and every step in the manufacturing process is controlled by dual computer networks in order to achieve redundancy. Many of Dunn-Edwards’ manufacturing processes are unique to the coatings industry, and a majority of the equipment is customized to precise specifications.

Dunn-Edwards is also considered one of the most environmentally-friendly paint manufacturers and an industry leader in eco-efficient principles – all part of its Greener by Design philosophy. Given the company’s green legacy, it pursued LEED Certification* in the design and construction of the new plant. Also, many operations throughout the plant focus on initiatives such as energy efficiency, waste minimization, recycling, emissions reductions and health and safety protection.

Business Focus:

Dunn-Edwards is known as the painting professional’s choice, and more than 90 percent of its paint is sold to painting contractors. The company has a steadfast commitment to painting contractors, and focuses on supporting their business needs. The company’s paint chemists spend hundreds of hours each year with painting contractors at their jobsites, to better understand real-world coating applications and problems.

We understand how well we do is directly related to how well you do. Our goal is to provide you the products and support services you need to grow and prosper. Toward that goal, we’ve developed a number of marketing materials to help you succeed. In addition, the Dunn-Edwards website contains a variety of customizable tools, publications, specifications manuals and more, to support your business efforts. From ready-to-use forms and door hangers for contractors to our Green Building Paint Guide for architects and designers, you’ll find valuable, informative material you can download at dunnedwards.com. And it’s all convenient and easy.

Consumers, whether do-it-yourselfers or those hiring a contractor, can learn more about selecting and using premium paints. Dunn-Edwards' "How To Guides" contain information on painting any surface, inside or out. They include everything from project checklists to helpful tips on selecting the right finish, calculating the amount needed, and proper techniques for using a brush or roller.


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