McCormick Paints

McCormick Paints History

McCormick Paints has a rich and unique history.  Founded by Thomas P. McCormick over 50 years ago, McCormick Paints has become a well-known leading manufacturer in the paint industry. Mr. McCormick entered the paint business as part of the Devoe Reynolds Company sales team before joining his father's paint distribution company, McCormick and Son, in Washington, DC. Mr. McCormick soon decided that the future success of McCormick and Son is in paint manufacturing and placed an ad in the local Baltimore newspaper for a chemist to assist him.  English chemist Gordon Allison was hired as the head chemist, and McCormick and Allison began to manufacture paint under the name McCormick Paint Works Company starting in a small metal building in Bethesda, MD.

McCormick Paints remains a family owned business to this day. Today, there are over 28 McCormick Paints company owned stores throughout the Mid-Atlantic, spanning as far south as Raleigh, NC, with new stores opening this year, including a location in the Tidewater area of southeast Virginia.     

McCormick Paints Brand

McCormick Paints – The Paint the Pros Use – is a preferred paint manufacturer and retailer dedicated to serving both professionals and homeowners alike. Regionally manufactured for over 50 years, architects and designers, painting contractors, commercial builders, residential builders, property managers and homeowners have experienced the quality and value from McCormick Paints. Our full range of products means that you will find what you need in our comprehensive line of McCormick brand paints and primers, all manufactured in the Mid-Atlantic region at our zero-waste, 100% recyclable manufacturing plants.

With over two dozen McCormick retail stores throughout the mid-Atlantic, thousands of customers rely on McCormick Paints daily. Serving Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, Washington, D.C. and Delaware, our fully stocked stores are the one stop shop for paints, sundry items, spray equipment, and spray parts and repairs.

McCormick Paints is an active member of several national and international associations allowing us to competitively and efficiently serve your paint needs within our region, backed by the same resources, color support, and raw material buying power that you would expect from a national paint brand. Best of all, your locations will receive the kind of individual attention and support that only a regional manufacturer can provide.

McCormick Paints Manufacturing

In today’s competitive coatings environment, the chemists at McCormick Paints never stop researching and developing new and improved paints.  All the while, our products are tested and benchmarked against national brands.  Our two manufacturing plants in Rockville and Frederick, Maryland, take pride in producing world class paints that are designed to meet your toughest painting challenges.

In order to be an exemplary steward of the environment, McCormick Paints has set a course in responsible manufacturing, waste elimination, and product development. In creating a zero-waste facility, McCormick reuses all waste water used in production. Coupled with our comprehensive air filtration system, recycling efforts for cardboard, paper, plastic, aluminum, and other raw materials, the McCormick Paints Team takes pride in our determined effort to protect our environment as a paint manufacturer. At McCormick Paints, Green is more than a color—it is a way of life.

McCormick Paints Color

McCormick Paints is committed to color research, understanding color trends, and offering an extensive array of colors to help make your color selection process go smoothly. Let our color matching experts tint your McCormick paint order to match any of the 1320 shades in our Color Is system or we can match any custom color for you, from any source, in any of our stores. The McCormick Paints Color Services department offers color tools and services to assist you with your project including Color Chips, Color Cards, Drawdowns, Color Recommendations, Touch-up Kits, Builder Books and Architectural Color Renderings.

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